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Welcome to VIA VENETIA car rentals! 

It was the summer of 2016, when I was first involved with tourism on my island, specifically in the area of accommodation.

I loved it right away!

From the first “Feel like home!” that I said to complete strangers, wanting to make them feel comfortable!

From the first “You can go there, see this, enjoy that!”, expressing my desire that they visit my beautiful homeland and feel its magic!

That was when I came up with the idea to open a car rental office.

A small office, through which, I would be able to show our guests the grandeur of my Kefalonia and make them experience it the way I do!

A small office, with a great will to offer my utmost best, from a welcome with a smile and its brand new cars, reasonable prices and quality benefits, to a warm goodbye and “see you soon again”.

Most of all, a small office with great attention and special care for the people who trust me for their move.

A small office that, even when it gets big, will be run with the same basic principle of mine:

“I would never allow anyone else to drive a car, which I  would not even allow my own children to drive it”.



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